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el mirador de Tato

Albaicín - Granada

Terrace and restaurant in the lower Albaicín

El Mirador de Tato

The restaurant with the best views of the Catedral of Granada and La Vega

Nestled in the Albaicín neighborhood, in a hidden square-viewpoint next to the Church of San José, the Mirador de Tato is a real discovery for those who visit it. From its viewpoint you can enjoy the best sunsets in Granada in a relaxed atmosphere with views of the Cathedral and the fertile plain of the city of the Alhambra, where many of the products of its cuisine come from.
Its gastronomic offer is based on careful seasonal home cooking, with top-quality local products, prepared with great respect for tradition, without losing curiosity about the new techniques and flavors of modern cooking.
The service provided by the restaurant is warm and pleasant, which together with the spectacular views and sunsets provide the best environment to fully enjoy great cuisine, both for private meals and for meetings and events.
For many, the Mirador de Tato is a real discovery.

Vistas a la Catedral de Granada desde el Mirador de Tato

The Restaurant


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